sub-contract pesticide control?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by thes, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. thes

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    Will any of the big companies (ChemLawn, Scotts, etc) act as sub-contractors to us little guys? Will they do it at a discount, so that we make something on the deal without killing the customer with high costs?

  2. The mayor

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    I know chemlawn will. I heard mixed feelings dealing with them. I am sure someone will have a first had experence with them and will speak up with a response. I myself used a local guy for many years and everything worked out very well. Once I got licenced I took over the job myself and found it to be rather enjoyable.
  3. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    I am not sure, but they probably will do the work. Is there a reason why you want to use a big company like that? Have you considered using a smaller local guy? Is it because of the competition factor? You would be surprised what you could accomplish by networking with a couple of local LCO. What shore are you located at?
  4. thes

    thes LawnSite Member
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    I've tried to use a smaller LCO, but they are either booked with their own customers or getting out of it themselves because of all the regulations.
    I am in the Southern Monmouth County area, you?
  5. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

    Trinity Lawn Care LLC LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    I am in Gloucester County, but I am originally from the Ocean City area (Cape May County). I was going to try and hook you up with a couple of people out that way, but you are a little out of the area. I would think that a larger company will do it. However, I personally would be careful of that. I am not going to mention any names, but there was a larger fert company that really burned a couple of our customers lawns last year. If you use someone as a sub and they damage the property it is going to reflect back on you.
  6. Jason Rose

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    Never use the big scam companies for sub work! As Rob said above, their work will reflect on you! There again, I have NEVER seen a good lawn that was totally maintined by chemlawn around here, they just don't care.

    Find someone local whom you can TRUST with your customers. Preferably someone who dosn't mow too... Have them get you prices for each property to be treated and you can add a % for yourself too. You can make 5 to 10% and do nothing other than provide the customer base for your sub guy!
  7. thes

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    Thanks for the input guys. :waving:
    You gave me much to think about....I will look for a local guy that I can trust.
  8. Prolawnservice

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    I'm not too far from you, however,we try to stay in Ocean County, If your route is tight I may consider doing it. Try Total Turf his name is Mike and he runs a couple crews in Monmouth. If he can't help you let me know and we'll talk.

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