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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MnGreen, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. MnGreen

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    What are others thoughts on sub contracting services to local competitors who are willing and able to toss you some work ?
    Looking in to a possible opportunity locally where a upper aged guy wants some mowing relief where I could fill in and him still get the services end of it. Meaning all applications and such he would do. This is a VERY well established company in my area, like 30 years plus. Family members of his are not really capable or have the initiative to take over operations as he desired so he can retire.

    I'm just starting up and thinking of working something out with him. Just need some third party input and or recommendations from those who have entered a sub contracting arrangement.
  2. david shumaker

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    I did some subcontracting work when I first started out because I had the spare time. It was usually work that the lawn contractor didn't want to leaf cleanup. He would bill the customer $250.00 for example and give me $125.00. Sometimes it took me awhile to get my money. I don't do subcontract work anymore unless I do the whole job for the full amount of money. You can make more money by getting your own customers.
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    I do sub work for other irrigation companies when I am slow. the way i see it is even if it is not as much $ as if it were my customer, its work and I have a new baby and anything helps. you cant be to proud when you are just starting.
  4. MnGreen

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    My thoughts are this could be a good opportunity within a year to gain experience and end up with a good share of this company. The mow jobs his crews cant handle anymore, I would get the full dollar and he would gain all the services above mowing.

    His company has held a large % of the lawn service work around here for many, many years. He has all but told me he wants some one to take over seeing his family members want to remain operators, or don't have what it takes to manage. This guys is 70 and still at it. He offered me to work for him as well but would rather get my own name out there. But I also might get a good handful of accounts turned over to me in a year if I work for him and manage his mow crews.
  5. Greenleaf Lawns

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    I do and have done sub work for many years off and on. As long as you trust the person you are working for I do not see a problem. It can really make a difference in the bottom line.

    I hope for the day when I have someone subing for me, thats when I will know I am making enough $$$.

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    Contract! Contract! Contract! :usflag:
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