sub-contracting mowing.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AB Lawn Care, Feb 21, 2000.

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    I read somewhere in this forum a person was talking about getting rid of clients who are not paying enough,and one person said that they do not get rid of these clients but they sub-contract to an other small lawn company.That way they don't have to waste their time on that job and are still making money on that job.What I was wondering is how much % do you keep and how much % do you pay your sub.To make this question easy lets say you sub a job that pays $100.00 a month on a 7 month contract.Now lets say you have 2 guys you could hire to do the same job(mr.A and mr.B)mr.A supplys his own equipment and mr.B you supply the equipment for him.So what would you pay mr.A and mr.B out of that $100.00 a month contract?These job and all the other jobs would be small residential.<p>If anyone has any ideas please let me know!<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care <br>
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    if you supplied equipment for Mr. B and paid him wouldn't that make him just an employee???
  3. AB Lawn Care

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    I Would not be supply any truck or trailer for mr.B and if I did supply the equipment for mr.B I would take a certian amout out of his pay to pay for the equipment.
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    A friend took a job as a cop, now he leases his truck trailer and equip to two guys to service his accounts for $500 a week, the two guys keep whatever is left over, and supply the fuel repairs etc. Once he finishes training and gets settled in he plans to take back his company.<p>Admittedly the truck and equip are not the best so its no big deal if it all disappears.<p>Bill<p>----------<br>&quot;...half my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair.&quot; R.L.<br>
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    at companies like brokerage firms,the co. supplies all &quot;tools&quot; and keeps 50-60% of gross. why not this type of arrangement.
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    If you let another guy/company take part of your equipment and do some properties, I think you're asking for a sticky situation.<p>To subcontract: retain the services of another company who wants more mowing and hire them to do some of your sites. You keep the fertilizer/bark/pruning/snowplowing/irrigation and other profitable services and retain the customer. Our subs price each job individuially and we usually make some money on the mowing, but that's not our main goal.

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