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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by slowleak, Apr 7, 2003.

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    could someone explain to me the concept of subbing out work.? example: a lady from 30 miles away called me today and says she needs a water pond area removed and possibly installed. said she heard i do good work.; ) which is flattering, but i've never done any work in her area nor advertised. but i digress, i'm not all to familiar with this type of "install". so how would one go about finding the right company and what is the going rate for this. etc.... please no silly answers. thanks in advance
  2. paponte

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    Ask any friends in the business if they could reccomend anyone. Or look up some reputable companies. you are referring the job so you will get a percentage. Work out something with them, that you will offer your hands, and make it a learning experience for you. :cool:
  3. slowleak

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    thank you . i will do just that........kevin
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    I agree with paponte about asking around with friends and such about who is good to use for a certain job. However my view on subbing jobs out, is that if there is nothing in the job that I can do on my own, I will hand it off to that other company and just tell them to deal with the customer. So for example, if a customer wanted me to install an irrigation system for them (which is something I do not do) I would recommend a company which has a good reputation and be done with it. Too many problems get started when you become a middle man. My look on it is, give the guys who do that work the job, and they will pay you back later on down the road. "one hand washes the other"
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    Slowleak, where are you at in Missouri. I just bid a job very similar to that last week, but the customer had several other chores also.
  6. slowleak

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    yeah i'm in the labadie area or east central mo. close to st.l. home of the cardinals.:)

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