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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Dix, May 25, 2002.

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    Three part question guys:

    I have two people lined up who will do subcontracting for me. They do not use signs on their trucks. I was wondering, what do you do when a sub has a company sign on his rig. Seems to me a customer might think it odd, or that they were getting ripped off if they thought they were doing business with one company, and another shows up to actually do the work. Do customers complain about this?

    Also they might try to do an end run & cut me out of the picture. How do you guys handle this?

    Should I not consider useing any subs with signs on their rigs?

  2. Grasshog

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    I dont use subs, From time to time I might have a friend to help me out and catch a lawn or three. Over the years we helped each other out so much we know each others custr pretty good.

    I guess if I was to sub out work I wouldnt allow signs. I dont want one of the neighbors calling him when they decide to get a LCO.
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    I sub out everything but mowing. I have a sub for tree work and another sub for all landscaping work. They have their company signs on their trucks. I tell the customer that I will get with my landscape guy, or my tree guy and we will get back to them with a price. The quote is on my letterhead. The invoice is on my letterhead. I make an appearance while the work is being done and inspect the job at completion with the customer. I have never had a customer question me about why it was not me or my crew doing the work. The subs I use do not do mowing or lawn maint., but they are experts in their line of work. I can trust them to do high quality work and to deal directly with the property owner if the need arises. This method works well for me. The key is to have subs you can trust.:)
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    Thanks guys! Realy helps.

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