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    This subject may have been addressed before but, I was unable to find it through a search. Here are the questions. If you were to sub-contract out your irrigation install from the backflow device out, what % of the bid would you pay? Second question. If you were to be the sub-contractor, what % would you need/want to make a good living?
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    If I were subbing out to someone , and I was supplying the materials and the sub was good I would pay between 25 to 30 percent. If I were subbing to someone else I would be giving them a bid for each job . I know of 1 company that subs out their installs , the quality of their work reflects this.
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    I have done some and still do some subbing out. The company I use uses the per zone charging method , which IMHO is not the best. I use it to cross check my pricing to my actual. The company charges me 90 a zone for my drawing and I supply the parts. They charge me about 250..00- 300.00 zone for their parts and labor. I add a little bit approix 25 to 50 per zone and I talk to the customers and follow up with everything, booklet, clock, rainswitch, questions and my card. My hands are stay clean and I can still do repairs for myself on other clients systems. Great setup!! And nooone has called me back because of a foul up. These guys stay busy. Everyone is happy.

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