Sub-division contract renewal woes!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by goodbeus, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. goodbeus

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    Have a fairly large sub-division we do, time to renew the contract next month...well, the president of the board, who I know and we're good friends, says the board has some concerns...Now, I've been doing this property for 3 years and NEVER had 1 complaint...this subdivision has a lot of older residents and tend to be a bit picky, a former board member told me...he quit the board 1 year ago because there we're to many stupid and irrational complaints...figure 2 years with no complaints, we're doing awesome...anyway, the president says they have a few complaints and are taking a few other bids..."WHAT!!"..I Tell her the office has never recieved any of these complaints...She says, "I know, because they're just stupid complaints...example:One of the residents was leaving the area in a car and waved at ME as they passed...says I didn't wave back, and they're complaining...I laugh, tell her I wear sunglasses and may not have seen that, I have no ill-will towards any of the residents, etc, etc...She says, " I know, that's just an example of the complaints"...she's happy with the work we do, but tells me she can be over-ruled by the board...I believe her...well, there's 2 guys that live together:rolleyes: in this subdivision that do lawns, they are small, and I've given advice to...well, they're submitting a bid, promising the world at the same price we charge...TICKED me off, so I explained to her to look at some of the residentials they do, cause they look like **** when they finish...they do accounts that owe us money, and are very in-experienced...asked her to pull the knife out of my back they stuck there, I've helped these guys:rolleyes: out and that's my thanks from them:angry: Explained to her they need to learn ethics...people who pull dirty tricks like this aren't usually around to long...this was about 2 weeks ago and talked an hour on the phone about all this...Well, was out there yesterday, the President comes up with the signed contract"YES":D ...just had to vent a little...
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    Glad to hear that this worked out for you. The president of a HOA has to walk a very fine line and try and please as many of the residents as possible. Just make sure you wave at every car you see for the rest of the year!:D

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    Goodbeus, Glad to hear that you kept the contract.

    Not really any of my business, but what does this particular acct. pay, and how lang does it take your crew to do?

    Sounds like you are doing a great job .
  4. goodbeus

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    Pays 135.00 weekly, I've done it alone in 2 hous...We also do a lot of extras which I charge $55.00 per man hour + materials...

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