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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wil22, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Wil22

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    Here is a frustrated home owner. Whenever it rains, the water flows down from his neighbors lawn and settles in his back yard? He wants to know how to prevent this from happening in his yard.

    The back lawn are all graded with a downard slope and the rain water flows to his back lawn. He thought about putting up a privacy fence. I said I didn't think that would work, the water would destroy the fence.

    In this developement the builders put sod in the front and did nothing to the back. So the home owners are left to do what ever they want in the back.
    In these photos of the back lawn shows water at the top of the photo coming from 4 houses away.

    What can be done to prevent rain water from flowing from his neighbors lawns, and settling in his back yard?

    Zo.Principal 010.jpg

    Zo.Principal 013.jpg

    Zo.Principal 009.jpg
  2. Runner

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    You need to install French drains in his yard. No one else needs them, there is no sense...they have good drainage. It all coes down to this guys yard. A couple of these thing installed in strategic places would solve his whole problem.
  3. olderthandirt

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    Thats the delelopers fault and I bet a call to an inspector would get all the yards regraded so no 1 person gets a lake.
  4. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    Yes, what Joe said. Drainage, Drainage, Drainage. I have seen something similar to that before. I bet Mac is right with that call.
  5. pondfishr

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    I agree with the french drain idea but if that doesn't totally solve the problem you could possibly end up bring in a few loads of fill dirt to raise the elevation. You must direct the surface water away from the house. You should also consider installing drain pipes on the downspouts to get that water away from the house also. The house look pretty new so going back to the original GC and the codes dept would be my first option. It can be fixed.. Get er done..........
  6. topsites

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    I agree: french drain is the solution.
    Don't play around with it, you'll save yourselves a lot of headaches if you just put in a french drain, you're done.
    Have someone with prior experience in these systems do it, it's not a job to experiment around with (unless you want to do it at half price, as an educational or learning experience).
  7. JimLewis

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    I agree with the others, several well-placed and well-built friench drains is a decent solution to this problem.

    But if you don't have experience with french drains then this is an opportunity to learn. So here's some advice on how to do that;

    First, I've always made it a rule that I don't take on any kind of job if I don't feel 100% competent to do it. I'm not going to fake it till I make it. A lot of guys do. I just personally do not, for my own integrity's sake. So if I hadn't ever done a french drain before I'd handle it this way; First, I'd study up on it. Plenty on info. in books and online about how to do it. Also, you can just ask here on Lawnsite in the Landscaping forum and lots of guys would help you. Second, I'd sub-contract this work out the first time. Find someone who IS experienced and competent, get a bid from them, mark it up a little bit, and give a bid to your customer. Then if you get the job, hire the sub to do it and watch how he does it. That's how you learn. And maybe then you'd say, "Oh. That wasn't so hard! I could definitely do that myself next time!" Then you're set.
  8. olderthandirt

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    theres no doubt that drains need added but if that sub division was around me it would be the developer putting them in. Its a health issue when you have standing water, so why not tell the home owner to make a call to the inspector that signed off on the grade after a rain and let him see the problem.
    It might get you some good will from the home owner [although no $$$] and make the developer do the job right. I'm sure that when the homeowner bought the house and it was being built it was not decalred a wetlands.
  9. i_plant_art

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    french drains like everyone else said in the last pics you could just tie in the guttewr system and go directly underground and wrap around to the front of the home and tie into the sewer line that goes out to the street (check code first) i know i can here though. also get the neighbor to do his as well while your there on on that side of the home. on the back of the home go right down the property line add soil and a burm roughly 6-8 feet wide and 6-8 inches tall. this should keep most of the water off of his lot. will probally make the guy next door mad but he has his options as well. drains work but to have them all over the back yard is just kinda a pain for homeowners and would definatly detract from the property aestetics not to mention the value.
  10. Splicer

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    You want to work??? Give ol' boy there an estimate to install the french drain (isnt that basicly just burying preferrated pvc flex (the black stuff) pipe?) and do as mac said and have him contact the builder and the proper city official (???), have them take a look see and then give them your estimate. They will probably let bid go through just so it gets signed off on. At least thats my theory. If it doesnt than you still win.

    Ol boy is going to be either engaging you himself or recommending you to everyone in the subdivision because you helped him out. Oh yes, this will lead to work one way or the other if you play your cards right.

    Personally what is standing doesnt look bad that a little regrading couldn't do a world of wonders. The rest of the yard (mud) looks to be about as drained as NC mud seems to be. I worked/lived in Boone for about a year or so...

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