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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by radracer, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Okay, lets remember what you said before (which I quoted in my previous post) which was "I charge 100 a month for 12 months". Do you remember that? Now there are twelve months in a year right? How many weeks are in a year? No, not 48 but 52. Try to keep up. So, you charge a customer $1200 for the year right? Good, you got that one right. Now here is the hard part. How much do you charge for a week? Come on, I gave you the answer before. Here is a hint: $1200 divided by 52. What does that come out to? $23.08

    Learn some math.
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    Look here re-tard.I did the math when I came up with the price.I dont charge per visit.....If you want it like that its 30.....If not its 100 per month.....Stay with me now.When the grass stops growing my money does not.I left this morning at 9 and was back at 2 but yet my pay does not re-flect such short hours.From Oct to Mar or even April your on a bi weekly basis except for a few leaves and those can be mulched with the mower.Thats about 10 weeks...Now I see your great with math so why dont you teach us all how to amortize that across those same 12 months.I think I'm doing all right for myself.
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    Hey eche.....I would get defensive if you came at me with the same condescending responses that you aimed at Chuck. lol Good luck with the biz, rad.
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    Wow 40 cuts a year. Good for you!
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    Dude I dont have a problem with you at all but this is the second post that you've come side ways at me.May be I need to break what I have to say down into laymens turns.May be you need to ask more questions before you talk down to people.What ever it was dont matter to me,my bad for my part.
    It would be about 42 a year and at that rate it would cost them about 60 dollers more a year and less work.
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    That's all this guys does is pick fights. Ahhhh I can just see it now - echeandia puffing up his chest and getting tough with the computer screen. It takes a lot of balls to do that:hammerhead:
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    :gunsfirin :gunsfirin
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    His keys are broken from hitting them so hard....Internet $#!& talking...gotta love it

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