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    Okay I've got a Question. last year a lawn company that i know does around 100 40,000-60,000sqft yards(mow and landscape them), the owner called me to ask me to start doing the fert and weed control on them? Of course i said yes and spent the time doing all the estimates and actually did around 5,000 dollars worth of work. The year before I sent the same guy a couple of nice commercial accounts and told him I would send them, if he let me do the fert and weed control. He said okay. Well the year went bye and no weed control or fert for these properties. So I assumed that he didn't get them.( bye the way this is the year before he asked me to do fert for him.) So anyways I called him a few weeks ago about this spring and he said he was going with someone else. Which I know is not true, but even if it was, I was mad. I put alot of time in doing all of these estimates. Well the guy that gave me all of these accounts is not licensed or insured to do so, I know for a fact. And to beat all that those commercial account i sent him he got them but never gave them to me to do. Any advice for this situation? And I know that he will do these properties himself like he did before, and bye the way they were the worst looking yards that i've ever seen that had been treated by a company full weed and insect damage.
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    Do you have a county extension agent or something that enforces the regulations? If there is a person breaking the law and spraying and ferting commercially that is not liscenced to do so, you have a duty as an American citizen to report illegal activity that could prove to be harmful to the public.

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    Yes we do So you think I should turn him in to state chemist.
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    Have signed contracts in the future.
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    I had a similar situation a few years ago. I was doing about 25k per year of work for a local landscaper, then he decided to hire a licensed applicator and do it him self. cant actually say I blame him! now I limit the amount of sub work I do. I would rather spend the time getting new customers for myself.
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    Turn him in, then go to those accounts and ask to bid them. But find someone else to do the mowing or whatever else you don't do. Make sure that they are someone that you can trust and is reputable. Also make sure that they don't do fert. applications also. This way there is no conflict of interest and you can specialize in what you do best and so can he. I always refer to good subs. but only if there is no conflict and I can trust their work. And when you go to bid those properties ask if the contractor that they are using is licensed and insured for fert. and chemical applications. That is a good place to start letting the customer(s) know what kind of problems can come up if they don't use someone that is licensed. Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the the great info. I appreciate the helpful advice, very frustrating when someone does that to you. I will go and do that.
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    Can't turn him in because you think he is going to make the applications. He hasn't broken the law....yet, if in fact he does at all. What makes you think he didn't study and pass or take the exam, or going to take it. Sit back a figure out a way to protect yourself better. In the future sub contract him or another company to do the cutting and you keep control of the account. Make a sub sign a non compete clause that says you are in charge and they cannot solicit the account.
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    Don't go back and "BOTHER" the places by asking id you can bid them. You just do it. Type up a nice letter explaining that you ARE trained, licensed and insured. Then attach it it your proposal. All is fair...He broke his end of the deal - even after you gave him work. Then, didn't even bother to tell you until being called on it. Just bid them.
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    I agree with Runner on this one. I would add that you are the one that cleaned up the weeds from the previous year, so you are familiar with the property.

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