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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RBP, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. RBP

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    had a couple of calls for people who want me to hydroseed.problem is i dont do hydroseeding.a friend who is not even in the lawn care business says i should have sub contracted the job to someone else and made some money for doing nothing however i dont agree with him.i could see if i was doing a landscape install for the cust. and part of it called for hydroseeding then it would be fine to contract it out but to just sub out a hydro job when thats all the customer wants just doesnt seem right to me.any thoughts on this?
  2. MikesLS

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    Hey if you can sub it out ,do it and take a cut.
    we are in this for the money,I sub out my irrigation
    jobs and get a cut of every one.
    But thats jmo!
  3. RBP

    RBP LawnSite Member
    from mi
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    Mike what if i have no other part in the job?I can see if im installing a landscape for them and it calls for hydroseeding or irrigation and i sub that part of it out or even if they are a regular weekly maintanance customer and want something that i dont do but if someone calls and all they want is hydro or irrigation or something is it okay to sub the whole thing out or just refer to someone else?
  4. flam41

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    i am installing beds & rock border next week. I am subing out the hydro seed. will let you know how it turns out.
  5. tiedeman

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    its up to you really. What hassle do you want? Lose the money or deal with the hassle of sub-contracting. Yes, I feel that sub-contracting can be a hassle and not always that fun. But then again you can have some extra money for nothing.

    BUT, before you sub-contract out anything call your insurance company. And see whether your insurance will back you up in case theirs fails. Also check to see whether you need a rider policy or not.

    Make sure to get a workers comp and liability policies from the company that is doing the work. Give a copy to your insurance agent and keep a copy for yourself.

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