sub surface drip

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Maybe we shouldn't hang out so often afterall :::searches for eye protection:::
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    There are a couple companies that have tried to sell their sod cutter with one blade for cutting a trench. We want to be able to cut at least two tenches at a time with a marker. The problem for us is the base cost of a piece of equipment that we have to spend money modifing is toooo high.

    I am surprised there still isn't a market out there for a small machine.
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    Kiril: Throws pencil at Jim's eye to save him from having to look at that stone age POS picture that boots has posted 100 million times.

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    Kiril: WTF!

    Jim: Resistance Is Futile

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    A couple of times. Spacing wasn't an issue once I knew what type of soil the drip was going to be installed and at what depth.
    I used a pull behind irrigation trenching saw that was a rental unit - similar to what the invisible dog fence schleps use but with a slightly wider wheel.
    Made sure the main line feeding the laterals had a sediment filter plus each lateral had a smaller one as well. Was on contract for quarterly maintenance until the dude had a terminal vapor lock.
    Don't see an issue once you know the soil type and have some reasonable idea of capillary flow characteristics to space the lines properly.

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