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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ozarkbilly, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. ozarkbilly

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    Long-time lurker, first-time poster here. This listing popped up on my local CL. Hadn't heard of these engines before, but after a bit of 'net searching it seems that most reviews of them are quite favorable. I'm assuming this is a Snapper commercial 21" push. Any rough estimates on how old this mower is? I'm looking for a 21" push mower for tight spots/tiny yards. Part of my brain is saying "for $175 how wrong could you go?", but the other part is saying "its a discontinued motor dude...expensive & hard to find parts".

    I'm heading to check it out shortly, & any advice would be appreciated

    - Bill
  2. larryinalabama

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    Those engines are bullet proof< Id buy just to have the motor.

    It looks like that mower inst self propelled or someone took the selfpropelled parts off. I guarantee its too heavy to push.

    The mower is at a minimum over 10 years old.
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  3. ozarkbilly

    ozarkbilly LawnSite Member
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    interesting observation about it being non-self propelled. Even with the limited times I'd use it, I don't wanna be pushing around a tank.
  4. ozarkbilly

    ozarkbilly LawnSite Member
    Messages: 85

    anyone have any clues regarding an age range of this mower? I'm trying to do some searching but not having a whole lotta luck. The graphics on the deck don't look REALLY old. And man, that looks like a pretty clean mower
  5. ozarkbilly

    ozarkbilly LawnSite Member
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    called to let them know I was on my way, & it got sold an hr ago. Drag.....
  6. lawnboy dan

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    the reason it looked so good is it wasnt sp and never got used. those are too heavy to push. the robin you want anyway is the 2 stroke one.
  7. jkilov

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    from MS
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    I think they stopped making the EH18 engine in 2000-2001? At that time I had a similar mower (with self-propel) and the parts availability issues started not long after.

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