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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Big Bad Bob, Nov 18, 2012.

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    I have never been a sub company before. A small company in my town is going to go out of the snow and ice management business and only do a 3 season business, as he has a full time job. Most of his snow customers are also his lawn and landscape management customers. He wants me to take over his residential snow and ice management customers and I have the resources to do so. Now I pride myself on being an ethical person but I think it will be inevitable that one or more of these customers will ask for me to take over their full maintenance schedule. This guy and I are casual friends and I went to school with his older brother. How do I handle a situation like this since the customer would most likely also discontinue my service in favor of another 4 season company?
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    That should likely be something you discuss with this person. He stands a chance of losing clients by not offering full service regardless of who takes over the snow.

    You should be prepared to buy him out and perhaps hire him to help you part time?
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    If they ask this don't low ball your friend and advise customers if things aren t working out then give them a price.
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    If you are ethical then there is no problem. An ethical person would say your friend provides good three season service. That he gave you the fourth season work because he knew I would do right by his customers. And he knew that I would do right by him by not taking over any of his three season customers.

    So I have to decline your offer to take work away from my friend.

    They may say they are not happy with him any more.

    You respond that you have to be able to look him in the eye and be happy with yourself.

    Then walk away because these customers are not the only customers to be had where you live and work.

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