Subbing out Fertilizing & Pesticide Services

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PetalsandPines, Dec 3, 2001.

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    Any of you guys out there Sub Out Fertilizing or Pesticide spraying to avoid State Regulatory Procedures with your business? Do the big companies wholesale out there services or is it by referral only? (Or simply the customer purchases directly through them) I have a couple monstrous lawns and don't find it feasable to purchase the spraying equipment and deal with the even tighter regulations for a few lawns. Ideas?
  2. I sub out to a small local nursery for shrub bed work. Also to an owner/operater LCO for fertilizer & pesticide. It's actually just a referral from me. My insurance won't cover them. It works out well. We can communicate easily and coordinate our efforts so we don't "step on each other's toes".

    I had tried dealing with the big "name brand" applicators with poor results. They have their own way of operating, and just make you part of their operation.
    I had one spray liquid nitrogen in May, then tell my customer the yellow in the lawn was my fault for mowing too low. I was cutting at 3 inches. If I'd known they were applying that late in the season, I'd have scheduled mowing sooner!

    So my advice would be deal with someone that you shake hands with.

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    i subbed two yrs ago to a bug commercial outfit. total disaster, work was not done timely, and also they sent inexperienced people out, and some of my lawns were ruined. that was "big commercial outfit" well, this year i got my own license, well worth it

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