Subbing work to a 16 year old

Discussion in 'Employment' started by brichter14, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I would go out on a limb for the kid,not many people give them opportunities to make something they can be proud of .most want to push them off to fast food .I have had 16 yr old sub stuff from me and as far as insurance goes, I have talked with them and explained the importance. If they are still onboard talk to insurance company and see what percentage it raises your insurance , then explain to them that this is the percentage that the insurance will cost and deduct it from the pay as insurance. They can then still write it off as a tax deduction. That makes it a win win situation
    You have a sub that if all works out can work with you on mowing side and he has built a reputation and business he can call his own to be proud of . Not many youth have the chance or want to .
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    You could also mentor him along the way, I mean if the OP REALLY doesnt want to mow grass, this is the perfect opportunity to mold your own mow only guy.
    Insurance is a minor hurdle, its not very expensive for a solo, OP could just help get the kid enough jobs to justify the insurance policy, or carry one for him on the OPs specific properties.
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    just as a reminder Marty Grunder started at 14 or 15, He was on the news suing walmart in Ohio for not paying him when he was 15 years old. I guess Walmart figured he was a kid and not a legit business and could get away with it.
    Marty got paid.

    Kids in BUSINESS ownership or directly related to business owners fall under a different set of rules than kids in an employee role with a non related person.

    A business entity is a business entity, doesnt matter who owns it.
    Kids might have a harder time getting insurance due to their perceived lack of experience, but it's not the end of the world.
    In the end, there's an insurance company out there that will insure anything (bungee jumping businesses have insurance)
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    Listing someone as an additional insured has cost me 0$. I’ve had to do it numerous times.

    Most deductibles are $500+. Unless some major tragedy takes place, your prob not reporting it to your insurance anyway.

    I’d def mentor him. Mark up his service by 20% and keep feeding him lawns. Keeps the competition off your property and $ coming in without touching a mower, trimmer, etc.
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    Heck just hire him put him under ur insurance and teach him the biz and let him run ur mowing might end up working out great for u and him make it simple
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    It’s better for both parties for the kid to run his own mow blow n go operation

    I mean from the kids perspective who wouldn’t want a seasoned vet just feeding him guaranteed work?

    From the vets perspective who wants to fret over mowing this far into your career?
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    It would be a great opportunity for a kid for sure. Be a great way for him to get started.
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    Yeah I think you’re right. The kids a hard worker and this will be a pretty great opportunity for him. His dad is my salesman for my hardscaping materials so he has been around landscapers for a long while.
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    When my grandson comes to 16, i plan on putting him to work..
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    How many would have hired themselves at 16? I know I would've hired me due to my work ethic. Sounds like a good kid who is hopefully worthy. As usual, time will tell if he's a performer. Everything's a gamble in life.

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