Subcontract to a mason?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by NYRookie, Jul 24, 2003.

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    I was contacted by a person to landscape their newly built home on a lake. When I got there and talked to the owner, I could see that she wanted alot of masonry work. Cobble stone driveway, 2 levels of retaining walls, flagstone walkways and patio, stone firepit. I have done some smaller stone work by myself, but not this much. She also needs planting and landscaping, with some topsoil and seeding to finish the whole yard. My question is should I sub the stone work out to a mason, and do the rest myself? The masons that help me out occasionally are very busy right now and can't commit themselves for this much work. Also, what should I charge % wise over the masons bid? I would guess there is roughly $10,000 - $12,000 worth of work in stone alone. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Only you know what you can do with your experience level.

    If you couldn't complete the job with your own skill, then I recommend you sub-contract the work out.

    But, as you mentioned, the masons you typically use are busy.

    I think you anwered your own question.

    jmo...........mind you
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    I would contract it out if you have a reliable source for stonework. We are about to complete a $12K job which our mason has done the majority of. The best part about contracting is you make money for doing nothing. We try to make 12-15% on top of what the mason charges. Some charge more but we don't see a need to do so.

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    We sub all our concrete and brick work

    We do what we do best, that being installing the plant material, stone walls, wall systems and so on.

    I just don't get involved with anything to do with concrete. Not that I can't do it. Our work load does not afford me the time to do it.
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    I have learned that if I have a feeling that maybe I shouldnt take the job, I listen to that feeling. Subbing the stone work out would be the best thing if you arent comfortable doing all the work, but you would still be responsible for it so I would only do that if you can get a mason you can depend on. If you arent comfortable doing all the work, and dont have someone you are comfortable with doing it for you with your name on it, then walk away from it.


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