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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Acute Cut, Oct 4, 2000.

  1. Acute Cut

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    I got contacted by another company to do a lawn in my area. I said no problem. Little did i know it was a swamp. My first day i sank my push mower up to the blade from almost full height.

    I DO want the lawn though. What would you all suggest i do to fix it. It is at a bank in the Drive through area. It has a sidewalk on one side and curbage around the other three in a circle shape.

    I turned off the sprinklers first of all. He had them all set at 45 minutes PER DAY!

    I seeded and fert. I am new and dont know much, but i had heard about sanding it. I know they do it on golf courses. It is so muddy already that i am not sure if aeration will really help it. I may try it anyways though.

    Well, let me know. Thanks ahead of time yall. Have a good one.

    Acute Cut
  2. Runner

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    Aeration would PROBABLY help drainage for any future precipitation we get through the rest of the season, but in the mean time, just shut the sprinklers completelt off. It's bad enough with all the rain we got this season. If next year, the irrigation is started right, and the groungdoesn't get saturated, you probably won't have these troubles. Stick with it if you like the account. Good luck with it!
  3. Acute Cut

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    72 views and only one reply? Bummer. I was hoping to get some more great info from some of you big guys. Where is Eric, Kirby, and Stone at? They usually reply to every thread. hehe.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Acute Cut wrote:

    {72 views and only one reply?}

    Allrighty then. This will work in some situations. Dig a trench 12" deep by 8" wide by the length of the area to be drained. Get a length of drain tile and place it in your trench. One end of the drain tile should be exposed from the ground so water can drain out of it. Place the drain tile in the trench and cover it with a porous landscape cloth. Place 3/4" gravel on top of the cloth and fill the trench to within 2" to 3" of grade. Complete filling the trench with top soil and then seed and straw. If you would like I can draw you a picture and place it on the web.

  5. Add to Richards response:

    Make sure to call the one call system b/4 you dig to come out and mark any underground utilities. It's the LAW.
  6. powerreel

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    I believe you are up in north Washington, from a fellow Pugut Sounder here's what i do: it is too late in the year to aerate now, the weather's nice but we'll be in the drink soon enough- don't aerate your lawn will not heal up in time and during November's dormant cycle you'll have MUD.Alaska fish makes a liquid organic that will work on the fact that some numbnutz kept watering after Labor Day,( wet soil = water borne fungi) alaska fish 0-10-10 will allow for better soil health and root growth, avoid the fall is a crucial time for turf as we enter dormancy beware of nitrogen aps now- they can remove stored carbs in your roots, if you use UAP get WINTER GREEN 8-2-15 or something like that or try wilbur ellis pro fall, also mow as short as you can and take advantage of what sun we have left.This is a real good time to overseed though add a little cedar grove as top dress- and mow only every 2 weeks now min. 10 days apart! good luck!
  7. Eric ELM

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    I agree that a draining system of some sort is the answer to your problem.
  8. landscaper3

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    We had a simular problem what we did was dug 12" down 5"across put a piece of drain pipe and filled in with crushed stone. Now all we have to do is trim in that area.
  9. slingshot

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    well first of all why would you think aeration would help this. i say it would only soften area more and if a mower sunk an aerator will sink more. drain tile is a big job and you said you are subbing for someone so i would think they would do it .the drain tile is a big job because you have to either go under the sidewalk or through the curb as you said it is inclosed and we allno water wont travel up a pipe and over the curb. so i would say cut the grass low so it has a chance to dry out keep the irrigation off it for now and cut every 5 days.
  10. Banzaitoy

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    You can also install the drain line with a nylon sleeve over it and avoid the extra step and hassle and expense of filling the trench with gravel

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