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  1. gogetter

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    Does someone that you call in to sub a job to usually give you a lower price then they would have given the homeowner?

    Jonathan E.
  2. Fine Lines Lawn

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    Hi Johnathon,
    If someone is subbing for you then pay them what you're willing to pay and make sure it's less than you are charging the customer.
  3. thelawnguy

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    They will but you will probably have to ask for the discount, dont assume it will come automatically.
  4. mbwent

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    They might if they think you can give them additional opportunities in the future! If you think you can, and they do good work, tell them and suggest a discount. Or maybe they can refer you for your type of work and make it an even exchange?!
  5. MOW ED

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    I have a friend that owns a restaurant and a current (soon to be ex) employee of his has stated he is quitting to work as a subcontractor for a local lawncare company.

    I know this guy and he doesn't have any equipment or vehicle to tow a trailer and when I asked my friend to pry a little he told me that this guy is using the LC's equipment and vehicle.

    Am I wrong in my belief that a subcontractor is supposed to furnish ALL equipment,insurance, and labor for the main contractor?
    Where would a guy report violations of these rules assuming that a violation is taking place?

    It seems to me this contractor is taking advantage of this kid and I'm sure this kid won't be insured.

    What would you do?

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