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    I was on one of my accounts today and I met another LCO down the street. I’m trying to pick up a few more yards in the area and we were discussing some things. He said he had 14 accounts or so he was looking to sub contract out. He just had to many to handle by himself. He offered to split the gross at the end of the month in half with me. (50%) What’s the going sub contracting rate for typical lawn maintenance work.? (Mow, edge, trim, blow) 50% seems low to me.

    Also what’s a clever way to get theses accounts from him by working them off or something?
  2. Armadillolawncare

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    Sounds like your each trying to screw the other. Glad I am not trying to do business with either of you.
  3. Mike33

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    Ever hear of building your business where you have a lot of accounts and hire some one.
  4. tthomass

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    50% prob wouldn't cover your own business, you're do'n the work and he's gett'n paid, screw that
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    I would think the subcontractor should get 90% of the income. I have often thought about subcontracting to LCO's, as compared to me running down the accounts, submitting bids and bills, and I came to the conclusion that that part of the business is worth 10%. I would maybe even go to 85% if it was fairly bid, and compensated. Thanks brad
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    typical markup is 10-15%, but most of our subcontracted work is done hourly. We do not do maintainance but grading and equipment work is simplier to do by the hour.
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    Wrong forum but I'll answer anyhow. Tell the guy forget it and go after his clients when he starts to fall behind.Heh

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