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    I was on one of my accounts today and I met another LCO down the street. I’m trying to pick up a few more yards in the area and we were discussing some things. He said he had 14 accounts or so he was looking to sub contract out. He just had to many to handle by himself. He offered to split the gross at the end of the month in half with me. (50%) What’s the going sub contracting rate for typical lawn maintenance work.? (Mow, edge, trim, blow) 50% seems low to me.

    Also what’s a clever way to get theses accounts from him by working them off or something?

    New at Subing so give me all the info you got.
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    50 percent? Good God, man. What kind of profit you think he is making. You will be doing these lawns at a LOSS, and any profit at all will be in his pocket, plus some of your money. Run, or tell him you want 95 percent and give him 5. 10 percent, at the most.
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    There is no way that you could give him 50% and still make a profit. I would make sure that the customers are on a contract and will continue service with you. Maybe give him 10% for the first month or something at the most.

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