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  1. Josh.S

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    I have been talking to a teacher at my school, and a friend of his owns a MASSIVE lawncare business, this individual also owns a fertalizing business and is looking to possibly subcontract some of the mowing out. I was wanting to know what the average rate of subcontracting is and how it works. Do I bill the customers and then just pay a certain percentage of my gross to the contractor?

    I was just hoping somebody could have some information on this because I really know absolutely NOTHING about subcontracting.
  2. deltascapes

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    the way i sub out mowing is i collect the money and i pay him what we have agreed on
  3. sildoc

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    This is the only way to do it. other way you are basically giving away your customers.
  4. Josh.S

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    What i am talking about is i mow his lawns..
  5. Jlawnmow

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    I would also like to know how subcontracting works. I just know it's very popular in Oklahoma.
  6. YardPro

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    YOU only get paid what you agree on per yard.

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