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    I was wondering if any of you have had some good, or bad, experiences subcontracting to another LCO. I was in the lawn business for a few years on a part-time basis but would now like to do it on a much larger level. I was thinking that one option is to concentrate on sales and marketing and subcontract some of the mowing to another lawn business. But I can see potential pitfalls and have these questions:

    1. It seems like there could be quality control issues or even customer contact problems. Any good ways of overcoming these problems?

    2. Would you have the subcontractor sign a contract or agreement stating that they cannot try to make those customers his customers?

    3. Is there a certain percentage that would be recommended? Say I have a $35 lawn how much of that would I keep?

    Thank you very much
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    to me this sounds like a failure all day long, if it was that easy everyone would be subcontracting rather than doing it ourselves. if you do, absolutely have them sign a contract stating they will not take your work. theyproblem with this is as they grow, they know they can make more on their own and will dump you as soon as they fill up their schedual. i almost need to ask, did you really give this thought? you will spend more time dealing with complaints and passing customer prefferances off to them doing it yourself.
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    Well, I'm in the process of thinking it through. And it may not be a great idea due to the issues you have raised. However, subcontracting like this is done in many industries such as roofing and construction in general. I have heard of other LCO doing this and read once of a guy who had over 100 customers yet never mowed a lawn himself and he had no employees. Possibly it has work for some people but it could be a headache. On the other hand, it is a way to increase revenue without increasing equipment or labor expenses.
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    I have 2 guys that I pay 65% of whatever they do each day. I give them small investment properties in the city... with a minimum of $20 a cut. You can easily mow trim blow 2-3 yards an hour. They email me what they do and I invoice... when im in the area i check up on the props and make sure all is good. They get 3 complaints and I will have to let them go. so far all is good! leaves me with more time to spend on the other biz!
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    I have 1 guy that I use to mow 6 city lots for me 2 times a month at least I pay him then I bill the city when I send them the monthly statement for the other mowing that we do . I am not worried that he will try to get the ciyt contract from me as he has a full time job and does weekend mowing or when his off days are
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    Thanks MC24034 and TWJ721! That's good information.

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