Subcontractor & yellow pages?

Groundcover Solutions

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Canton, MI
Ok I am considering doing the yellow page thing. I am really not hearting at all for work. (booked for the next 4 months) but i would like to get my name out there some more. So if you guys were going to sub out some mulch work to a barck blowing company would you look in the yellow pages? What would you look under? I am thinking landscape supplies and equipment. I am meeting with the yellow page guy on thursday so any help would be great. THANKS in advance

Team Gopher

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Hi Groundcover Solutions,

This is just a thought, maybe if it was in the section with other landscapers, the LCO's would see your ad as well as homeowners looking for your specific service.

Although here is another site that has a company named "Bark Blowing Specialists" under the 'garden center' header.