Subdividing Dump/ Trailer bed with C-Channel / 3/4" plywood


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HI All - I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on installing steel c channel (or similar) vertically within a dump trailer bed to allow it to be subdivided by sliding in a piece of 3/4" plywood or similar.

We have a few PJ Dump trailers. For smaller projects where there may be a few materials on trailer (like compost and mulch on a planting project, Gravel and leveling layer on a patio repair, etc) it would be nice to have separation.

I was thinking bolt on some c channel - leaving a few inches gap to the bottom of the trailer for ease of cleanup/ less debris getting hung up behind it when dumping.

The removable divider sections could easily ride in our trailer with the side extensions by hanging them behind the steel side extension on the front of the trailer.

Any thoughts? Ways to add rigidity to this? maybe like a piece of c-channel on top and bottom of plywood that would fit into c-channel mounted to trailer sides.

I think a system like this could really help at end of day too when crews have a tendency to just throw all kinds of mixed debris into the trailers with little thought to the PITA it'll be to manage later.

We'd need to be sure to manage weight balance and etc. but seems like a good idea on the surface. I can't imagine bolting some channel to the sides of the trailer would compromise integrity or anything but I'm no rocket surgeon. I figured bolting is better than welding for ease of removal if anything gets bent.

Thanks !

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I have done this. It was useful at the time. We out grew the need with multiple dump trucks and dump trailers but while I was small it helped. 3/4 plywood will not be strong enough. You need to use 1.5x material