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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Total Landscape Solutions, Aug 12, 2007.

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    Anyone have experience or schematics of SRW's around lakes and ponds where the entire footer and base course will be totally underwater?

    Water elevation will vary +-1.5 feet and pond freezes over every year.

    I've seen some schematics/engineered drawings in the past but it has been a while.

  2. ChampionLS

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    Heres an example for ya. You need to use the specs for the actual block that you wish to use.

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    Champion shows a good picture. We do a fair amount of these as we live in an area where there are several lake communities. I have never done one on a river or a body of water that moves alot like a large lake. We do just about exactly what is illustrated there, just be sure to totally encapsulate your free draining stone in fabric as the variation in water level tends to pull a lot of soil into the stone if you don't and then you have a failure. Also critical is the eroision prevention they show. You can vary the size depending on the waterway, if there aren't ever waves you can get away with 1.5-2 inch, some waves, 4-6 inch and up as the wave heights increase as said we don't have any jobs done where waves are gigger than a foot, ever. We also like to use gravel for our base, the fines tend to wash out of the QP and basically leave you with gravel anyway.

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