Submersible or Jet Pump for deep water well?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ppaffe, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. ppaffe

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    I have a free-flowing artesian well that is about 32 years old. I know little about it. The well will serve household and irrigation needs. The house has 5 bathrooms and 6 people. The irrigation system will cover 2 acres. The well sits 800' from my house being built now. In general, would a submersible pump best serve me for irrigation and to fill my areator?
  2. Wet_Boots

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    You might do some test pumping to see what the performance of the well is. Just because it's free flowing doesn't mean the water level won't drop way down once you are drawing 20 gpm from it. Submersibles are generally the first choice for a pump, because they deliver more water at higher pressures.
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    what size casing are you figuring to use? submersible requires at least a 4" casing, a 2" can be set up either as a shallow well jet or a deep well jet (known as a packer well) basically a packer well is a 2"casing with a 1 inch drop pipe with a foot valve/jet assembly. if you are in a hard freezing area I would recommend a submersible to prevent freeze problems, draw back to a sub is it is not normally considered to be a owner serviceable well, a packer well can be service by anyone that has some knowledge of how wells work.
    I myself prefer a packer, much easier to fix a pump failure or problem.
  4. Fatheroftwo

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    :waving: Go with the sub. You can push more water than you can pull it.
  5. Wet_Boots

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    - what's this areator you speak of?

    I am assuming this is a larger diameter well here, but that might not be the case. I've seen free-flowing wells - piped springs, really - that only flowed a certain amount, and no more, so there was a limit to what (above-ground shallow-well jet) pump size you could use.
  6. Grump

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    - what's this areator you speak of?

    Areators are used in NE Fl to release hydrogen sulfide gas(rotten egg smell).

    I would use a 2 hp Myers or StaRite cast iron above ground sprinkler pump. They are easy to service. Your going to have to have an above ground pump for your areator anyway. The sprinkler pump will give you more volume of water than a deep well pump. But you will have to install a 30/50 pressure switch and tank on it. They are usually hooked up to pump relays around here.
    I would install a 3/4hp shallow well pump and tank to repressurize the water in the areator.
    Have you measured your static pressure at the well? Do you know your elevation above sea level?
  7. Wet_Boots

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    Hmmmm, if you have to 'depressurize' the water in getting rid of hydrogen sulfide, the usual deep well setup certainly wouldn't apply. Given a distance of 800 feet to cover, a final pump larger than 3/4 horse might be called for.

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