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subs and hourly rate


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I have 2 friends beginning their own landscape business. Both have quite a bit of experience. I'd like to start using them as part of my services, which I would like to add as a regular service. They are charging $15 per man hour (as of right now),and worth every dollar.
Would I bill my customer @$15 x 2.75 (avg.)=$41.25 per man hr. or should I just have them bid the job as a subcontractor thru me and bill customer with 10-30% contractor markup on their bid.
GOAL: To expand my business and services. I'd like to use these guys, they have experience and I trust them.




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st pete, FL
for $15 per man hour i have about 150 lawns i could use them on, i would just pay them their rate, and bill the customer yourself.
Have them sub through you then add your markup on their rate. I mean you have time lining all the work up, and of course you have to do a final inspection of the work, since its your reputation, that also adds to your time. Anything you buy, if its a supply or service, you always need to add markup.