Suburban Chicago, and NW to Central Indiana Plow Association


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I want to start a suburban, and NW Indiana plow association... A free group that can exchange numbers, and help each other out, refer, get together, if a truck goes down you have a club that will have guys who can come out and help you, and not rake you over the coals... on price.. help find contracts for people, and so on... If you are from the area and are interested, send a post with an email... I would make a web page, a simple one that we could hop on and post all the info and possible jobs.... What a great time and useful tool it would be.... am I just crazy?



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Not that I dont think it is a great idea, but its already been done. Now the cost isnt free, but for a mere 130.00 you can become members of SIMA. They have already done all the leg work, and you can benifit from their years of experience. Now your time is certainly worth money, and you would have to put alot of time into such a venture, so skip the start up and teething issues, and look into an already established group of pros, that has a large group of members already in your area.


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SIMA is important too, and I think it important to be a member, this would be for locals, and would be like a chapter..... I support SIMA and am a member, but I do want to make it easier for local Chicago people to have plow options.... cause if it is snowing in Chicago all heck can break loose because of the lake... we need a group that can attack ideas locally....


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