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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Darb, Oct 25, 2002.

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    I was eating breakfast this morning at a fast food place and two crews of workers from the same lawn care company came in. They were bragging on how lazy they were. "Yeah, I can lay all that sod by lunch but I am going to make sure that we don't get it till quiting time." Theywere also mocking the boss because he wouldn't loan them any money as he had no more money to loan out.

    I was so nausiated by these losers. Here were grown men and they were so lazy. Yes, I have seen this before. What a shame!! I guess they didn't have proper upbringing.

    Ok... so we all know this exsist out there. The question I have for all of you is what do YOU do to motivate and ensure good work habits.... not to mention honesty and integrity? Do you just keep hiring and firing till you find someone worthwhile or do you try to mold and shape them?

    (I sure wish there were a built in spell checker in this board. I know I sure would use it.)
  2. robert payer

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    Darb, think you answered your own question. Fire and hire. Investigate Theory X and Theory Y. These theories catogorize workers into 2 groups. It does not give you a response but it helps you understand. You can find it with a net search. A conversation was started here on it also. I do not know how to link you to it. Net search is better anyways.
  3. Get Mexicans, they had the proper upbringing.

    Plus I would have called the number on the uniform and gave a shout out for them to the big boss.
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    Where do you find these Mexicans?

    The yellow pages?

    No, seriously. Is I heard of H2B. Is there other programs, or companies out there.
  5. H2B is a labor shortage solution.

    You have to meet certain guidlines before you even qualify.

    It is a program with the I-N-S dept.

    You must fill out ungodly amouts of paperwork and hire a special lawyer.

    It is worth the weight in gold though.

    Search LS for some more, the scott c ............something.
  6. Darb

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    On the first comment... I have found that to be so true. My wife is Mexican. Her family is the best. I am so happy I married into her family. Her mom had nine kids and only one turned out to be stupid (into drugs). I could tell you many stories about what good and hardworking people they are. You know I might just have to go through all of the crap that INS has in place to validate their existence just to get some quality help.

    On the second comment... Yes, I probably should have called... I would love to learn which of my workers were bragging about how lazy they were. I personally wouldn't care if they were mocking me. As a matter of fact when I was teaching I was out in the hall talking with a student and when I returned, I found a student doing an impression of me. I forced him to repeat it and I about died laughing... he was really good... brutally painful but good.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  7. Ryan Lightning

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    I dont mean to sound prejudice, but mexicans is why lawns are done so cheap here, You get enough of them working for $7 a hour, and doing a good job. One of the biggest guys in town, uses almost all mexican labor, and his prices are scrub prices on nice lawns! I took one there accounts, because the owner didnt like weird guys around, and they were doing a good job for $112 a month and it was $90 for most of the 2 years before raised the price! I low balled my self for $120 and cut out some extras they were doing!
    You guys get enough of that good cheap labor, and see what happens to the prices you get for lawns. Especially after they start running there own crews. Youll see the $60 a man hour you guys talk about go down hill.
  8. I have had call about driving, yelling out the window to females, about being in the wrong place (hooters for lunch) etc...

    The guys I had couldn't believe how I knew where they were, and on top of it, some of the converstation.

    I love to get the phone calls, it means other people are helping keep an eye on your stuff for you. That is the way I think about it.

    I return the favor a lot to other LCO's and those how's my driving stickers on the back of some delivery trucks. I will call and tell them your guy in so n so # truck is doing good, or bad.

    You are correct though, it is in their heritage. They can pick up bad habbits though, but they have to learn it some where.

    I cought the impression once, man did I about die laughing.

    My kid did it once too, but at the time he couldn't pronounce some of the words, and knew not to say some of them too, but it was cute.
  9. That is one perception of it, but it doesn't have to be that way.

    With what I have now, I have seen everything go up but payrole.

    I didn't get or want them because they were cheap, I got them because they were hard working, reliable, and trustworthy.

    The lowered payrole was a bonus.
  10. CMerLand

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    Just curious as to why you would pay " hard working, reliable and trustworthy guys" less then the lazy, rude and arrogant people born in this country????

    If anything you should probably be paying them more then their American counterparts, rather then treating them as second rate citizens. These guys leave everything they know and love, to come to a country they only wish they could live in, where they dont know the language, the culture or another soul in the area.

    In fact Id like to see the H2B program expanded so that for every foreign born citizen brought into the country thru the program, we send back one of those perpetually unemployed, lazy rude and arrogant kids/men from this country. Maybe then they'll wake up and realize the opportunities that exist here and become upstanding hardworking citizens. The big joke is these kids/men think they are better then the "guats" though they struggle to make it to work on time five days in a row.


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