Suffecient number of postcards to test a market?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by walker-talker, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I just seen a recent thread on this (I thought I did) and can't find anything in the search results. I was thinking of testing different markets this year with postcards. I was wondering what a suffecient number of households would be for the test. Each seperate market will be getting 3 postcards.

    I was thinking a total of 9 different demographics. 3 based on household income and home value and the other 6 based on age and either home value or income level. For the first 3 I would send 500+. For the other 6 it would be 275 each or I could narrow that 6 down to 4 and send it to 416.

    I am just wondering if 275 would be enough for an adequate test? All the postcards will be mailed out to areas I am already working in. Once the results are in, I would then next year expand to these markets, but in different areas of the city.

    Anybody else test different demographics like this?
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    My initial reaction is no. I may be wrong, but I look at it like this: assume you can get a .5% response rate, that's 1.375 responses. My gut feeling is that with some margin for error, you run the risk of getting no response at all. I think it will be hard to quantify the results.

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