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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Mondragon Lawn Serv, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Mondragon Lawn Serv

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    Hey everyone I'm in need of a 4/5 ft sugar cane Kettle/ pot for a water feature. Hope someone would be able to help me get one locally or have an idea just in general where. Thanks in advance for any help that I may get from anyone.
  2. Twinlakes

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    Those things are worth their weight in Gold in my part of the country. Their quite collectible.
    On the other hand, getting a cracked one, sealing the damage & keeping damaged site to a minimum-doable.

    Good luck!
  3. Mondragon Lawn Serv

    Mondragon Lawn Serv LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    Thanks. I'm hoping it won't come down to an arm and leg for it. I'm still trying on which direction to approach this one. Either have the pump inside the actual kettle and have no need for a basin sort at the bottom,which I'm trying to stay away, or actually have a basin of sort at the bottom with all the components hidden bellow.
    I'm really wanting to go with a small statue fountain inside with a few platings inside to hide the pump. Still talking it over with the customer.
  4. Twinlakes

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    Very good

    Below is a recent local for sale craigslist Ad.

    Has damage:

    You could end up being better off going with a "less expense; but quality piece". If you were to use an outdoor fireplace basin & "accent" it with an old(pitted), but worthy rib-bone piece of iron to accent the curvature of rim. To give the eye candy of "old school"(if surrounded by rock, etc.)
    A difficult case not knowing the other hardscape features involved(your design aspects).

    The one listed in the link is over 1k, so, to me;
    $500 for a Basin(newer & quality)
    $200/parts to make worthy(Aesthetics & Plumbing)

    You've probably already saved $500.

    I have a $175 fireplace that is not a lot less than your stated spec.. It's a big bowl that sits in a cradle. No,it's not solid. It has a center hole vent that could be taken care of while picking up the "accent" feature

    It's not say that "with a little effort($$$)" you couldn't find a cheaper (damaged "period" piece). But; Time=$$$.

    Why pay for the "Period" piece-unless it's the ultimate "want" of the Customer. For whatever reason.
    Given, it looks the same when completed?
    To me, it would all depend on how much of the kettle would "show" when completed as to the proper direction to take.

    IMO, I have several concerns.

    Obtaining a "Period syrup kettle" for reasonable $$$.
    Obtaining the kettle in due-time.
    If the entire outside ring needs to show & it's a critical "Want" of the Customer(Period piece); your screwed. Gotta get a "period" piece & they pay for it too. Otherwise, some "aged" metal fabrication CAN be done for this purpose.

    He ships his work all over the country & has many references; personal as well as online.

    Good luck & hope to see a "Finished" pic soon!

    Had to use a few quotes to emphasise several points above.
  5. Twinlakes

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    Forgot to mention:

    I'm NOT trying to sell anything on craigslist currently:eek:
  6. Mondragon Lawn Serv

    Mondragon Lawn Serv LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    Thanks for the responses on here twin lakes found a few places kinda nearby that we'll be getting new cast iron kettles with an antique look to it. I'll post up some pics once it's done. I'm still talking with the office owner about the finishing product. I'm really leaning with a mini statue figure as the water feature with lilies and other water plants. I do have a question though, should I worry about the roots on the plants giving problems in the future to the pump. We've never have used water plants in our water features before would just like your intake.
  7. Twinlakes

    Twinlakes LawnSite Member
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    That's great & your more than welcome!

    I'm especially interested in learning more about the "new & antiqued" Kettles you've sourced. Are they significantly less expensive?

    Regardless of your direction, I wanted to add that if you end up getting an original piece and spend good money-why not Liner the interior area. It's relatively easy if your lucky enough to find a relatively smooth piece(for sealing aspects). Not only will it help preserve the pieces $$$ value; it'll save it from getting eaten up by way of environmental causes(fertilizers, etc.). Fertilizer will be your main culprit. Adding fish to the equation only affects it more.

    As far as the roots affecting the pump(say you found an original syrup kettle):

    1.It being round will allow more freedom as you'll be able to "go deep with barrier"(if using a submersible with fabric).

    2. If it's preserved("out of sight") the value will only increase over time. I say "out of sight" because it can be done & still retain it's appeal.

    Even though it seems as though you've found a suitable alternative; I'd really appreciate some pictures of the final project.
    Heck, why not take some along the way.

    Sounds like it would be a fun project if...$$$ were right.
  8. Mondragon Lawn Serv

    Mondragon Lawn Serv LawnSite Senior Member
    from Texas
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    What paint would you recommend for it. I know it'll be just about impossible to get a clear coat to keep the patina with out further rusting.
  9. Twinlakes

    Twinlakes LawnSite Member
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    I couldn't even begin to tell you where to start.

    All I can say,
    If I were looking for a syrup kettle; I definitely wouldn't want to take the chance of screwing up the patina with a finish. It's lasted this long. Adding oxidisers & water will speed up any corrosion as already stated.

    If going with something similar(expensive); but not vintage, I'd probably just use a Rino lining type product. Have it applied at/below water line. Just out of view.
    Of course, it'll decrease value as bad as or more of the vintage value.
  10. clydebusa

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    Pictures when it is done PLEASE!:drinkup:

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