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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawncare, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. lawncare

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    I have a new cust who want to redo current landscape would appreciate any suggestions about what type flowers/shrubs to plant in area. Its in one of the better neighborhood which would generate more landscaping jobs i've done a few but nothing quite this bad any suggestion would help Im going to enclose one pic have more if any one wants to see the rest of what im dealing with.

    cust yard hill.jpg
  2. kris

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    What is their budget for the project?

    Are you talking about re doing the hill? It looks like a good spot for a rockery .
  3. lawncare

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    They just told me to give them some ideas they havent said anything price wise but they are well off here is a pic of the front also they want to keep the shrubs only part that in the fall everything full of leaves i get paid good to clean it out but to much of a hassle. something low maint and maybe some seasonal would be fine

    front yard.jpg
  4. Turfdude

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    You will need t get an idea on budget for this project. Also discuss w/ teclient which trees are the most iortant to keep. From the photo it's tough to tell which of large trees are dominant and/or are healthy as to selction of trees to keep and eliminte. I wuld suggest probablya few large boulders (ned skid steer), probably some large rhododendron, mountain laurel, japonica, or other fowering accent shrubs. Get their tastes for shrubs and stick w/ plants whic suit your hardiness zone and site the best.

    Good luck

  5. CHC

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    While I think that the site seems to have lots of potential, and could even be a fun project, I sense that you are going to be doing an awful lot of work - perhaps for nothing. You need to get some sort of commitment; dollarwise, from these folks before you get into deep.
  6. WLC

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    As mentioned above "Define a budget that you and the customer can work with."
    A rather low budget solution........ my $.02...... Elevate the existing tree limbs up. Remove any of the miscl. scrub in the natural beds. And most of all create a smooth definition between the turf and the natural bed using large flowing radii. Might need a bed trencher/spray with non-selective herbicide or flat just edge and dig it out. Looks to be like some Day-Lillies and Juniper already existing. If you need plant material to fill some of the void areas, just repeat these in group settings(mass plantings). Lastly mulch with straw. It's a natural area, you want to create an area that is within the drip line of the more mature trees to catch the debris that falls from them to create a low maintenance yet crisp landscape feature.

    Good Luck!
  7. lawncare

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    Thanks for the info everytime i ask what she wants to spend cust says it dosent matter just make it look nice i was thinking about scanning the pics in the pc and come up with two or three looks for the yard from lowest to highest then maybe i can get a price range from there. do you think thats a good idea?
  8. lawncare

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    I forgot look at the front would i carry the same setup mass plants to the front or change arrangement for a different look see attach

  9. WLC

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    Continuity is golden! It makes a statement that the job was either done professionaly or a bone-head LCO got a "good deal" on a hodge podge of plants and just stuck them in the ground at random. Repetitive use of the same plants through-out the landscape is much more appealing. Find a hand-full of plants that compliment/ contrast with one another. Stay away from straight line plantings, think.......... curves(not too radical),large flowing serpentine arcs, tall plants in back followed by med. then shorter in front. Allow room for the plants to mature within your mass plantings, otherwise they'll be crowding one another in a few short years.

    I haven't messed w/ any landscape programs. Sounds like the customer doesn't know an Indian Hawthorn from a member of the Blackfoot tribe. Give 'em a estimate not to exceed $xxxx.xx, have them sign the agreement, and have at it.
  10. Atlantic Lawn

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    Gotta' get a dollar amount on paper, schedule of draws for work etc. The last thing you want is any misunderstanding after the work has already begun.Look to shapes and heights in your plans as much as color.Have Fun.

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