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  1. chopsticks33

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    I have two and a half acres of my own that I mow, and I was just wondering if you had a suggestion on which Hustler mower to buy?
  2. mowerconsultant

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    2.5 acres....
    The FasTrak series of mowers will suit you well.
    How limited are you on deck width? we have from 36" to 52"
    Any of them will make quick work of your lawn.
    Do a search here on LS and you will find plenty of good info.

  3. blackandgold

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    I would check out the Hustler Mini Z. Ideal for around 3 acres, you may find this mower to be the most comfortable for you.

    Go see Van Wall Equipment on Army Post Road. If they don't have one, email me and we get a salesman to show you whatever you want.
  4. blackandgold

    blackandgold LawnSite Senior Member
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    Van Wall Equipment is also know as Great American Outdoors
    (John Deere Dealer too)

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