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    How about a "I call BS" section, where one can dissect some of the more ridiculous boasts and BS concerning income, productivity, etc. without it getting into personal feuds? Just blank out the screenames. Let the forum population weigh in on whether or not someone is being straight or not.

    Tonight I just read a post containing some of the most bloviated boastfull BS I've ever seen on this forum ever in the several years I've visited it. I realized that it bothered me not because I cared whether this person was stretching the truth or not, but because some poor sap is going to come here and think he's got it all wrong if he can't match these unrealistic numbers. And apparently nobody wants trouble so they don't even mention the outrageous claim.

    Man, I hate BS.
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    But I really did make 10 million dollars last year.
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