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considering everyone in the world has access to this forum and are reading all types of posts about those willing to accept $10 for a mow which I believe really does hurt the industry and yes myself, I dont want my customers to start thinking wow I could just get some startup outfit or some kid to do the work for $10 and save myself $30 a week. When I must confront this I try to explain to the customers the incredible overhead involved on my end (most understand)however many just want the lowest cost available. So what say a commercial forum where to read,reply or post you must enter your federal tax ID #. The hope being to keep those who must make a living at this game to really be the ones involved with the forum. Keeping another forum open to homeowners, kids,and those not really involved in the industry from bringing down the proffesional attitude and PRICING which many of us depend on. Just an idea


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SE Pennsylvania
Not everyone has a Fed Id# .... sole proprietors with no employees don't need one and we're as professional as the rest. And I'm not putting my SS# either.

Oh yeah...my pricing is definitely above the norm in my area. :)

P.S. Bucktail also helps when people fill out their profiles a little better. That way we can tell where you're from which helps decide whether our market can bear the prices another lists.


Scraper dont get bent on me just an idea maybye business liscense or some other form of verification. No big deal but I will say this I dont care how you try to rationalize it or where you are from you can not make money charging $10 a lawn if you are running trailers,trucks,and equipment.Listen I CAN GO BROKE SITTING AT HOME


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What about the Canadian's that use this forum. And Southside (Karl), he's in Austraila. He probably doesn't have a Federal Tax ID #?

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
You can look at this another way too. What if a home owner comes here and finds out he could get his 1.5 lawn mowed for $55 to $60 and it's taking him 4 hours to do it? He may say, gee, I think I'll just hire it done. A crew of 2 can knock that out in 20 minutes or 30 minutes and be out of there. This could go both ways, but it's just my opinion.


If somebody will write up a article directed towards the home owner I will have a direct link to it...

Explain to them why they should pick one company over the other... why company A is charging $10 and company B is charging $35. Let them know the risks involved in company A etc..

What do you think? If someone wants to do this make sure its well written and in detail...

I will have the link at the top or in the new section I am working on with the lawn company directory. That way after reading the article they can find a company in their area.. maybe yours.

I think members of LawnSite.com are a smarter company. This place helps bring awareness to the industry and hopefully every company that gets listed in the directory will be a legit company that cant afford to mow a lawn for $10.


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Somerset, NJ
I believe the PLCAA, or one of the others, has a brochure geared toward consumers to help them choose contractors. I'm sure that some of the info. that they cover would be appropriate for what you are suggesting.


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Central CT
Dear Customer

Why You Should Hire A Professional Landscaper

Dear Customer,

I'll bet you didn't know that when you hire a non-professional to
care for your grounds, you put yourself at risk. That may be news
to you, but many who claim to be "landscapers" (so called
experts) operate illegally, are uninsured, are breaking pesticide
laws, don't pay taxes like you and me and here's the real "biggy"
... (that puts you at risk for losing everything you ever worked for)
they don't have insurance! None, zip! No worker's comp ... no
liability. Why is that important? Well I'm not a lawyer, but if
someone from that company (even the owner himself) gets hurt on
your property ... you can be sued for damages. It happens. Nice
guy right? You give him the job ... he gives you a potential
nightmare! Legal fees alone could "eat you alive".

The first "tip-off" that should alert you is unusually low price. Fast
talkers who are selling a bargain. Yeah, real bargain. Sloppy
workmanship, the risk of them contaminating your yard with toxic
chemicals, hacking down your prized plants, spilling gasoline on
your blacktop drive ... and other blunders that will make you wish
you never ran into those characters.

Incompetent landscapers who don't know what they're doing,
have no references you can trust ... and so ... must compete on
low price. But it's no bargain, because in the end, you usually get
what you pay for.

So ... how do you "qualify" your landscaper?

1. Ask for a certificate of insurance directly from the agency.
Some landscapers actually forge documents that they are covered
when they are not!

2. Ask for references.

3. Check prices by comparing apples to apples. Get prices from
professionals who are insured. You'd be surprised how many
workers have lost fingers and toes while mowing grass ... and who
pays the medical bills and damage suit? you guessed it!

4. Ask the contractor about his employees. Are they legal? Would
you want an "unidentified" person roaming around your place? Or
do you want folks who will respect your privacy?

5. Ask your contractor how long he's been in business. Almost
70% of new businesses fail in landscaping in the first three years.
Was it because they did poor work? Was it because they were
sued? Was it because they made a shambles of the yards they
worked on? Who knows? ... but you should get to know the
contractor before you hire them.

That's it. A few simple precautions before you sign on the dotted
line can save you from making a big mistake. You need a good
job done at a fair price. Talk to a professional.

Thank you,

Joe Smith
ABC Landscaping
Anytown, USA