Suggestions for a back-up mower


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I currently have one 48" Snapper walkbehind mower as my main machine. I have a 22" mower for trimming and emergencies if the big mower goes down. I've been thinking that a 36" walkbehind would make both a good back-up machine and allow me to get through gated areas. It sure would beat having to use the 22" in an emergency. I'm pretty sure that I will purchase a new 36" machine.

What are your reccomendations on the new machines out there? I prefer belt drive and a non-electric blade engagement. Local dealers in my area sell Scag, Exmark, Ferris, Toro, and Gravely.


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Martinsville, IN
My main machine this year is going to be my 36" metro. I am going to use my 30" Dixon for a backup. I have a lot of gated yards so its nice to have two capable machines.


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Cleveland OH
id say go with a scag 36
Go with the mower that will last the longest and take an unbelievable amount of abuse: Scag. I plan on keeping
my Scag even if I dont stay in business so my kids can
use it for their business....... :D


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I'd go with a toro fixed deck 36" t bar for about $2500 plus tax. Or maybe a 36" Gravely pro steer fixed, since it has a better height adjustment system. I personally would pass on pistol/ecs type "squeeze to slow" steering on a belt drive.

The Toro uses the identical deck as an Exmark metro, and also shares its manual blade engagement, but with the advantage of t bar steering.