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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jajwrigh, Jun 30, 2004.

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    Next season I am dropping mowing and only focusing on pesticides and landscaping. I will be insured, licensed with my 3b and 3a, and have the neccessary experience requirements. I intend on only doing turf for is what my equipment plans are: Sp bp sprayer, spreader, 50-100 gallon skid sprayer. Any suggestions on my starter equipment? I am starting solo and part time. Thanks in advance.
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    That is exactly what I did this year and I wish I had the time (as you did) to plan ahead for the drop in revenue this first year. It has been tough but I'm making it and I sure do not miss mowing!!

    OK about your equipment. I would definately go with at least a 100 gal. spray rig. You can get it done with a back pack or even a 50 gal. But you will get through your route much faster obviously if you are not continually filling a 50 gal tank 3 times per day or spraying at 1/3 the speed that you would with a hose. Especially on those spring blanket apps. You are going to want / need to get your apps done as quickly as you can so you can spend more time building your route and selling landscape work.
    Good luck!!


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