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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SouthernYankee, Nov 9, 2007.

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    I agree with Jwing. These are drafting tools just like paper and pencil. It will not "do" anything but what you tell it to do.

    That means that it is an extra step in the learing curve. That in itself is not a bad thing, but why add an extra step and expense for one planning job?

    The simplest way to move forward is to buy a pad of grid paper and a circle template. I'd recommend a grid paper of 8 lines per inch. You can call each grid 1' and you'll be working at a 1"=8' scale which works well for a typical suburan lot of roughly 100'x100'. A good circle template and pentel pencil are all you need. All you have to do is measure up your house and count out the grid and trace the lines to get it in your plan.

    Then measure the distance to the road and add that in. Draw in your driveway and your walks and patios leaving enough room for your planting beds.

    I think you'll find that this garage setup is going to be very awkward because it forces the driveway to be directly accross the front of the house (unless that picture is very deceiving). You are going to have to be able to back out the full length of the vehicle before you can start cutting the wheel. The rule of thumb is to use a length of twenty feet to the nearest edge of the driveway. Eleven feet is the standard width for a single width driveway approach. That means 31' of driveway going out from the garage door without a turnaround. That is not the most attractive front yard in my opinion. It looks like that driveway edge won't be far off of the face of the house which won't leave much room for planting. It also seems to be a bit of a safety issue because of the potential conflict between a car backing out of the garage and someone quickly walking out of the house (assuming that is the front door that is open behind the dumpster).

    Draw your plants in at the size that you intend to maintain them at (or mature growth if you are Kilil) and space them out accordingly.

    All of these things you'll have to do with or without software. The difference is that you'll also have to learn the software.

    Everyone seems to want to have side entrace garages so it is not the dominant feature of the house. But sometimes it is just not practical and you lose more aesthetics and function than you gain.
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    its nice to have and show the customer though
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    the garage door isnt the ugly thing its the empty space when the door is open that really destroys the curb appeal. also with the way the garage is this was already said u have to back out almost all the way befor u can turn up the driveway. Meaning that also u wont beable to have anything along the front face of the house like bed wise. You would have a car tire going in it half the time
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    Could they have not had the garage door on the other side of the house? Geez, it's only a one car garage too, not like it's a 3 car deal.
    I dont know how people can get along with a 1 car garage.

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    SouthernYankee: First off, let me appologize. I thought that i had seen a post earlier where you had posted another house asking for advice and i thought that i was seeing a trend. If you have spent any amount of time on this site, you are well aware of the young chaps that don't have a clue what they are doing and want everyone to help them design their work.

    Second: if you "used" to have a full time landscape company and did a lot of landscape construction in two different states, then why would you be asking for someone to tell you what to put in front of your house? You attack me for only being in business for 4years, implying that since i have only been in the business for 4years that i don't have the knowledge or experience to design a nice landscape, yet you post a thread essentially asking for my opinion. Maybe next time you should ask for resume's or portfolios next time you start a thread so that you can weed out guys like me.

    Also, as everyone else has said, you really have to know what the home will be sidded with and what colors are going to be used before you can decide what will look good. You will also have to know what light requirements there will be, zones and microclimates to do any designs, but since you "were" in business for so so many years and have tons of experience and knowledge that i don't, i just have to assume that you already know all of this.
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    That is a two car garage and it has an 18 ft door not a one car garage. That particular sub division requires a side garage in the section that I built the house, so that was really the only type of plan I could get for that lot.
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    Thats cool, I used to come to lawnsite to get opinions from other landscapers to compare to what I came up with but now everyone just bashes everyones work . I wasnt personally attacking you so dont think that, I am just sick of the attitudes here on lawnsite, I never said I knew everything. So I would like to apologize to you.

    I picked a red brick blend that is very popular in Texas.
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    Assuming the driveway will be from the garage door over to the corner to the right of the front door and out to the street, I think on the right side of the house on each side of the window some Nellie Stevens would look nice then some barberry's or dwarf youpons under the window with some annual color mixed in.
    On the left side (front of the garage) a Crepe myrtle or a variety of blue spruce in the corner where the wall jogs back, and some barberrys or dwarf youpons mixed in along with a fountain grass in front of the window with the arch along with some nice perennial flowers and annual color.
    Also some nice concrete or clay pots on each side of the front door with topiaries or evergreens.

    Just some ideas for you. I'm not a pro landscaper but I see a lot of landscapes and just throwing out ideas.
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    Also depending on what you could find, some large rocks in both of the areas I mentioned above would accent the beds.
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    Have to agree with you on that one SouthernYankee It is getting to be one of those site just just do not care to goto.

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