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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ExcaliburLawnCare, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. ExcaliburLawnCare

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    I just got rid of my old '88 F-150 and got a great '03 F-250 5.4L 2 wheel drive. I am thinking about kicking it up a notch for the sake of longevity rather than looks. I am thinking about putting in a KnN Cold Air intake. I would also like to start using Amsoil in it once I have to change the oil. I am going to be putting in a double Amsoil oil filtration system, Centromatic: Big Tire Balancers,and a Fitch Fuel Catalyst. What else would any of you recommend?
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    Depending mileage, a good tune up including the tranny.

    If you're looking for power, intakes and oil aren't but like you said, life. Honestly, if you don't drive like an idiot and change the oil you're good to go.
  3. ExcaliburLawnCare

    ExcaliburLawnCare LawnSite Member
    from MI
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    Just rolled over to 33k yesterday, thus I am sure that some plugs and wires are in store.

    BTW: Love your quote....very true
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    Just be nice to it and stay up on maint and you'll be just fine. Sometimes things 'happen' but for the most part this works for any vehicle.'ll get a nice throaty sound out of your engine and typically more top end power. You can get a PCM tune and bump your MPG by say almost 2mpg and a little more power.

    Also, don't do things like leaving a trailer hooked on over night that can cause the rear end to fail prematurely, wax it every so often but again, maint is the most important thing for any vehicle.
  5. ExcaliburLawnCare

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    from MI
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    Has anyone had any experience with the double oil filter?
  6. topsites

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    First of all get a locking hitch receiver pin if you don't have one, and a padlock for the tongue latch...
    Cost you 20-odd bucks but it helps keep your trailer where it's supposed to be, you might also get a padlock to lock the gates.
    I know it might sound redundant or stupid, but I've read stories about thieves unhooking a trailer and clipping it to their truck and taking off with it, while the Lco was working in the back yard or some such crap, just trying to save you a potential headache.

    To up the performance I would highly recommend first keep up with all the maintenance, 90% of a fine running truck is a truck that has all the scheduled stuff done, mundane as it sounds, here's a few tips:
    A high performance cap and rotor, they're like 15 dollars (vs. 10 for the oem), make sure to get the HP one they all look identical.
    10.2mm Taylor wires, they're around 50-60 bucks / set, get Accel 8mm's or better if you can't find taylors.
    Double Platinum plugs, they last twice as long as standard.
    Install all that, now your ignition and spark should be good.

    Oh yeah, pcv valve and a new breather cap, also you might get an aftermarket breather filter and eliminate that stupid hose going to the air filter so it stops sucking air out of your intake.

    Change the transmission fluid and filter, nothing special here, just do it, then repeat every 10k miles or about every 3rd oil change: pita but it will save your tranny.

    Fuel filter, O2 sensor if the mpg is a bit off, otherwise the sensor can wait.
    Pull the front wheels and inspect your brake pads, replace if necessary and while you got this stuff out of the way also pull the bearings and pack them up with grease, check for zerks up under there and grease those as well, there, all lubed now.

    I don't personally believe in the K&n's, but I do believe in aftermarket HP filters, I usually get the Mr. Gasket one because it takes a regular $3-$5 paper element, usually some minor modding is required. Also if you have space under the hood afterwards, I've put bigger elements in the Mr Gasket, bigger is better but watch the space requirements and the center bolt needs to reach.

    That's all I can think of for now, you got the oil change part, fark the fancy filter just do it every 3k miles religiously.
    Run you a few hundred, I spent 1500 on my D-2500 to make it right, now she runs good, I do this to all my cars, yup, when you first buy it, before the excitement wears off lol.

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