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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by BostonBull, Jul 6, 2008.

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    I am looking for some design help for this area. I need to come up with something to put near and around the area between the fence and deck where my A/C unit is. I am also looking for ideas for something to go around the deck.

    The best I came up with was some Hydrangea in the corner where the A/C is, maybe 8 of them. Then circle the deck in Boxwoods and mulch the whole area.

    My dogs are tearing up the area in front of the deck where the granite slab is. Between their pee and compaction my lawn is really suffering. Again I feel my idea is basic, but maybe it is really nice? I was going to do an outline of 12"x8" Granite cobble and fill the area with 1/2" crushed blue/granite stones.



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    here's some ideas. I used mstly evergreens and you can fill in areas with seasonal annuals or perennials.:) sorry pic is small. I can't save to adobe right now where you could open a big version.

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  3. BostonBull

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    Very nice idea! I love the trellace in front of the A/C!

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    what program did you use to do that?

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