suggestions on bidding formats for larger size properties ie. apartment complexes?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gary LA, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Gary LA

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    from B.S.Mo.
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    I wish to try and grow a bit more but I am not sure on bidding techniques for larger properties.
    Somebody please give me some pointers.:confused:
  2. Break the areas down to a size you are accustome to bidding.

    Only difference is, those places are bigger.
  3. CSRA Landscaping

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    You need to be breaking those places donw into smaller areas anyway, when you work on them. It gives a much better quality and doesn't nearly overwhwelm you as much. Try to estimate how many hours that you will be on site on a regular maintenance visit and figure what you want your hourly rate to be (hint, don't let on that you're figuring hourly - for some reason, that seemd to scare people away, even if they end up paying more otherwise) then round off to the nearest desirable number. Submit your bid and proceed to dazzle them with your expertise! Good luck.
  4. Well thanks Jeff, something I learned from Lawn Site in a way.

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