Suggestions on new mower. Honda HRX or Toro Super Recycler?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mgb_, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. mgb_

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    I'm looking to purchase a new walk behind. I live in Washington and mulch everything, never bag. I'm considering these three mowers:

    Toro Super Recycler 20092
    Briggs & Stratton (700 serries i think)

    Toro Super Recycler 20099
    Kohler OHV

    Honda HRX217VKA

    I'd imagine the Honda is built a little better but I'm reading lots of forums and seeing the Toro Super Recycler is a better mulcher and about 150 cheaper. Also if i go with the Toro what engine would be better? It looks like the Kohler is made in China but has cast iron bore and OHC. Any suggestions welcome!
  2. coopmaster

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    I tried my Brother's Honda 217 and I also tried Toro Super Recycler (B&S engine). I liked the Toro better. I tried both of these last month when we had a lot of wet heavy grass.
    The Toro was more nimble and seemed to mulch better. The bag was easy on/off.
    One problem I have found with the Honda quadra cut blades is that end of the blades get rounded easily.

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