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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JustinFL, Aug 10, 2017.

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    I spray with a skid sprayer, 100 gallon tank and a JD9C gun. Currently I spray about 10 gallons per k. That's not normal right lol? I've been reading here and see a lot of you guys being able to spray over an acre with 100 gallons. Seems crazy to me. Any suggestions on speeding things up and still getting thorough coverage? And no it's not the PSI it's a result of the way I was taught to spray. I was taught by a very smart guy, but in my opinion not someone that had much experience actually spraying. He taught me to be methodical and thorough and always ensuring good coverage, but as a result I just find myself to be way too slow.

    I work somewhere else now where I'm the only technician and we have about 12 acres of turf. I just don't have the time to be spraying that much area and filling up 50 times to do it when broadcast spraying. The obvious answer here is to walk faster, but I'm just wondering any other thoughts. I feel like if I walk faster I'm not going to get complete coverage.
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    What type of property are you spraying?
  3. JustinFL

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    Residential, it's a condo HOA.
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    If this is a joke, im all ears for the punchline. I guess if i only had 12 acres to do, i would take my sweet time too.
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    Just my personal opinion, you may have been taught how to do things the right way with a gun, but using a gun is not what I call being thorough and precise. If you want to use a gun, perhaps try something like a Chemlawn gun, and switch out the end caps with the different color caps to match the gallons per k you want. Perhaps adopt a new style of spraying, go back to the drawing board, practice your 1,000 sq ft times on concrete.

    Just my 2c, but if you want to be precise, accurate, thorough, efficient, apply an even application, and be able to change your gallons per k easily, build a Boom. Use a pressure washer style gun, install a wand, and build a 3 nozzle boom using TeeJet tips.

    This will give you the most precise application and you can simply swap the TeeJet AI tips for more or less volume. You can also walk as fast as you need to with the boom or as slow as you need to.
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    Lol, not sure this comment is really necessary but no it's not a joke. I'm not going to go over my schedule with you, but I have other responsibilities than just treating the turf. I make time for broadcast apps, but I can't do it as frequently as I'd like.

    How long does it take you to treat 12 acres? Last time I did it it took me over a month to complete.

    PicturePerfectLawns - Do you have a picture or link to the type of boom you're referring to? I don't think that'd work for the property I spray. I hear you on everything else though. Next week I'll try and see if I can find a more comfortable/faster speed but still getting the coverage I want.

    I'm surprised you guys aren't saying anything about me only covering 10k with 100 gallons. That's normal even for a gun?
  7. ETM

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    10 gallons per k???
    When we used a skid/gun we were at 2gallons per k. So your 100gal @2/k could do 50,000 a fill which is just over an acre. I can do 12 acres a day now with a ride on.
  8. JustinFL

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    See that seems crazy to me. You must have been running when spraying lol. Not really though, but you still got adequate coverage? Idk, I'll see what I can come up with next week. I know at my last job we had a tech there who could cover about an acre with 100 gallons skid and gun, but everytime I watched him spray it made me laugh. He was going pretty fast, I just couldn't help but wonder if he was actually putting enough product down. Seemed like not much of it actually got into the thatch layer or even got full foliar absorption.
  9. RigglePLC

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    ETM is right. 2 gallons per thousand sqft is about right if applying herbicide. Ten gallons results in a lot of product washing off the grass blades and being wasted, treating the dirt.
    I suspect you may have a very good pump--and you are using too much pressure. Pressure does not kill weeds--chemistry does.
    I suggest a Chemlawn gun with the green showerhead nozzle. At least try some different nozzles and settings. Keep the pump pressure at less than a hundred pounds--80 is probably enough. Reduce the pressure until you get about 3 gals per minute in a "bucket check". Walk at a medium pace so you cover about 1500 sqft per minute.
    Or for simplicity--reduce pump output to 2 gals per minute and walk at 1000 sqft per minute. Cover a 7 foot swath and 1000 sqft will be 143 feet in length. Cover 7 feet wide and walk about 1 mile per hour.

    Naturally, you must mix according to the sqft you will cover with one tank. If a tank covers 50,000 sqft --mix enough herbicide for 50,000 sqft.
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    • What size tip are you running with? As they come S, M, L and XL.

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