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Hello forum,

I got a call today to do a spring clean up on a yard for one townhouse. The turf area is roughly 900 square feet. In the backyard, 800 square feet of the entire turf is completely taken over by weeds. I mean literally, there wasn't one blade of grass visible.

So, I am asking for your suggestions on how to renovate this yard. I was thinking of cutting all the grass, then rake up all debris, then lay down fresh sod.

Do I need to till the ground before laying sod? I have installed a few pieces of sod before but it was a new installation.

Sorry if this is an elementary dumb question but I really need to know. Thanks for your help. :usflag:

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Yes. Weed eat the weeds, rake it up & then till up and loosen the soil, rake out again, before planting new sod. I was giving an estimate today to a guy who wanted landscaping done. He'd had already put out (2) pallets of centipede on top of the old centipede grass lawn he had (he wanted to build up his yard higher). I hated to tell him he had screwed up the new sod by laying it over the old sod, no topsoil touching the "new".
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