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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Deputy_Swan, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Hello, I am looking at biding some work seeding lease roads that go into industrial sites, I plan on buying a decent used tractor, Kubota or Deere that is 50-70ish HP, and some type of seeder. Do any of you seed with tractors and what do you prefer, 3 point or a pull type seeder, and how big is it?

    New units are pretty spendy I been learning, around this area you can find old pull type seeders with grass attachments for 1-$2000, but there extremely heavy and 10-14 feet wide and difficult to transport. But they would be useless seeding residential or commercial lawns only good in road ditchs.

    Like this thing, $1200:
  2. twomancrew

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    Sub that part out to a hydro seeder or go buy one. The thought I have is "get with the times". I had a nice 6' Gill pulverizer with a Gandy Seeder mounted to it. It was nice, 3 pt., great counter weight for my little Yanmar 240d.

    After you seed you have to cover it and why not just hydroseed it? Done, problem solved, and the seed will actually grow too.
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    Man, you don't want a grain drill, that's the wrong tool for the job. 3 point seeder's are the way to go, look at member RCreech's setup. I know those machine's are expensive, but if you are serious about seeding that's the way to go. Subbing out hydro-seeding is a good idea if this is a one time thing, just make sure you use the right seed for your location.

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