Suggestions zg23, z500, deere 737 gravely so many options!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wisconsin_cat hunter, Apr 26, 2007.

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    I need to know if anyone has had any problems with the zg23 AT ALL I am looking at a demo unit, last years model(2006) with 9hrs on it, i didn't like the idea of another stamped deck machine and I noticed that the belts looked more fragile and less accessible than on the toro z500 estate series.

    My second question would be about the toro is it necessary to get the z500 with the larger engine and the turbo force welded deck unlike the estate series with the component deck and no turbo force? Can anyone tell me the difference? PLEASE!

    Any other suggestions about mowers or comparisons? Is 6500 a good price for last years demo unit of a zg23 54" it's a kohler with 9hrs?!?!?! I was thinking it seemed high and i saw a unit on ebay that sold for 5700 with 18hrs in nearly the same situation...

    Here's what i need to mow 2.5 acres
    1.5 lawn
    1 is a "field" which is actually just grass that the previous owner and myself were too lazy to mow with a 42" POS tractor. Please help the kubota comes tomorrow and i'm sure i'm going to love it but i'm looking for a dependable machine and the belts driving the blades are a major concern.
  2. wisconsin_cat hunter

    wisconsin_cat hunter LawnSite Member
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    Well i just put the zg23 to the ultimate test that it will recieve in my small world of mowing, wet lawn. Cut it at 2.5 inches which took atleast 1.5 off, minimal clumping, no engine bog, good cut but BOUNCY!!! My lawn could use a rolling though.

    Anyone know if this is a good price for the mower?
    54" 23hp kohler w/10.6 hrs? Any help would be appreciated!

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