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    I've gone through about three designs on my website and this is the last one. I've had a lot of compliments on it from customers and SEO companies trying to sell me web site optimization. I'd like a few more suggestions, especially in the tag department as far as what I should use for keywords (I was told I am using too many and that it looks like keyword spam). How the robot tag works and all that stuff as well.

    Mostly edited with BlueVoda Website Builder

    Second, I tried to use Joomla to overhaul my site design. I was rolling and doing good and then my mother said she couldn't view it correctly from her computer (using opera). I also designed it while using Opera.

    When I checked it out on Internet Explorer out of curiosity, everything was all jacked up. Is this because Joomla isn't compatible with editing through Opera and I need to edit my page while using Internet Explorer or what?

    After about 10 hours of work, I deleted it all and restored my current site :laugh:

    I still want to add in a few more services, text links, and other stuff, I've just been too lazy for now.

    Thanks in advance
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    looks good!

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