sulfentrazone 4F vs 4SC


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I am looking for a generic to replace Dismiss. I have been looking at different brands and i am not seeing any difference between sulfentrazone 4F and sulfentrazone 4SC. the active ingredient % is the same and the labels read the same. I have had good success with dismiss but it is just too expensive to blanket the large amounts of nutsedge this year.


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F= Flowables
SC= Suspension Concentrates

F and SC are basically the same thing. As long as the active ingredient are the same % like you said above pick the least expensive option.


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Keep in mind, T-Zone and Surge contain some sulfentrazone. Both suppress nutsedge.
Not sure it would be enough for your purposes. For nutsedge you mean.
Really, spot spray is the usual plan for nutsedge--as it tends to occur in patches where it has spread by the roots and rhizomes. You need a backpack or hand sprayer.
And consider, Sedgehammer for nutsedge. Slower, but probably better.


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Yes, central ohio is hit hard with nutsedge this year. The bluegrass and fescue are about done growing for now but the sedge is pushing 6+" per week. And I mean whole yards not spots. I've not had anyone ask to deal with it but I've been messing with sedge ender (sulfentrazone) with pretty good results in one app.


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What's your experience (if any) using surfactant when spraying Sulfentrazone? I've been tank mixing with 2,4-D and have not been adding surf-ac, but with weeds going strong I feel the need to start putting it back in the mix. I don't want to add another walk thru the yard with sulfentrazone if it's avoidable but I don't want a bunch of discolored grasses either.