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    Does any one have links to the different sulkey manufactures out there,how many are there? I really like the new one from Toro seen in Jan in Turf,too new yet to have seen one at the dealer here.I most likly will be purchase one in the spring for my hydro.I seem to prefer the style where the wheels spin 360 and the frame is fixed ,just pivioting up and down for grade changes.
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    Messages: 2,205 they sell rocket wheels. i cant remember if their site has them on it, but their brochure does. they are one of the nicest sulkies ive seen.
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    I don't have any links but your right about going with the fixed frame that swivels. I have a trailing type I bought for my Bobcat and it is a major knee buster. I took it off and put a 1 wheeled velkie on instead. Good luck, Russ
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    The hydro unit on right is the one I use. I also use it on my exmark belt drive. I like the fact that you always stay right behing the controls, you don't have your body stretching out in the turns. You never need to worry about jacknifing. :)
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